Behavior and Expectations

Lewis is a PBS (Positive Behavior Supports) and BIST (Behavior Intervention Support Teams) School!

Our Classroom Matrix is as follows

Arrival and DismissalEntering and Leaving the ClassroomMaterialsClass Discussions/ Whole GroupPartner Work/ Group WorkIndependent WorkTransitions
GoSafely·   Walk ·   Keep belongings to your side·  Walk·  Follow Hallway Expectations· Use materials for intended purpose ·      Walk to discussion area·      Sit with calm body·  Walk to small group area·  Sit with calm body·    Sit with calm body ·    Walk·    Carry supplies with care
ShowRespect·   Say Good Morning and Good Bye·   Have eye contact with the teacher ·  Use a whisper Voice·  Close door peacefully· Take care and pride for classroom materials ·      Use a inside or speaker voice·      Eyes and ears on speaker·      Accept other’s opinions ·      Raise hand to share·  Use a whisper or inside voice·  Eyes and ears on partners·  Accept other’s opinions·  Take turns sharing·  Thank partners for sharing·    Use a silent voice·    Raise hand for help ·    Go with a peaceful voice·    Say Excuse Me, Please, and Thank You
BeResponsible·         Have materials ready for day or evening ready·  Straight there and straight back·  Begin work quickly· Return materials to proper location  ·      Bring materials to discussion·      Stay on task and topic·  Bring materials to group area·  Stay on task and topic·  Use time wisely·    Stay on task·    Use time wisely ·    Do your best ·    Get supplies that you need·    Move quickly to area