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Developing as a Professional Educator

Describe your progress towards achieving your initial goal. Compare and contrast your initial CSTP and your final CSTP.  Image result for school clipart

My initial goal this induction year was to help the low achieving students become more involved in their own education. I tried different strategies in the classroom to see how I could motivate these students to really participate in their own educational success. I have now implemented and will continue to improve upon a system in the classroom that holds the students accountable for their own assignments. It took a little trial and error to see what didn't work for the students and what seemed to really motivate them, but it was worth it to find something that helps them be more involved in their own education. I feel like I have really grown this year and have learned so many new strategies to implement in the classroom. I know that I will never stop learning and I look forward to what new strategies and tools I can use next year to help my students be successful. 

What are your areas of strength? Where are your opportunities for continuous improvement? In what ways have you surprised yourself?

I believe that one of my areas of strength is that I never give up. I know that not everything that I implement in the classroom is going to be successful, but I don't give up until I find some strategy or tool that is. I know that I am continuing to improve on time management. It can be hard to juggle the daily routines in the classroom and completing IEP's. I have surprised myself by not being so afraid to try new things. I am able to be more flexible in the classroom to see what works and it has really created more opportunities for the students. 

Describe a professional goal beyond induction.

A professional goal that I have beyond induction is to attend more training opportunities. It has been a hectic year and I believe that next year I can make more time to attend these trainings. I do not think that I will ever stop learning as a teacher and the more information I am able to obtain, the better teacher I can be for my students. 

Actions to remain a connected educator throughout career.

As a collaborative teacher, I am lucky that I am able to co-teach alongside some pretty amazing general education teachers. Even though I am able to contribute to the collaborative classrooms, I am also able learn so much from the other teachers as well. I am able to stay current on the new curriculum in all content areas. I am also able to incorporate in my classroom some of the teaching strategies I see in their classrooms. Attending any knew trainings offered is also a great way to stay connected and learn new things. 

What can you do to sustain the energy it takes to be passionate about students, teaching, and learning?

Having a routine makes things less stressful in the classroom. I also make sure to use my daily planner to keep myself on schedule. I check my planner daily to make sure I do not miss any important meetings or trainings.  When I feel overwhelmed I am able to reach out to my coach and co-teachers to get ideas and strategies.  

Quote from Reflective Coach               Image result for inspirational clipart

"Think like a penguin - Dive into life; Find warmth among friends; Appreciate snow days; Take long walks; Stand Together; Go the extra mile; and Keep your cool!!" 

Advice for new teachers entering the profession.        Image result for inspirational quote for new teacher

My advice for new teachers is to never stop trying! Teaching is a constant learning experience. What works one day may not work another and you have to try different strategies and techniques until you find what works. 


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