CSTP Growth and Development


    • My orginal growth goal: To become more fluent with a wider range of technology to teach classes, reach students, and increase student engagement.
    • My areas of strength: 
      • Usage of new technology- kahoots, blooket, nitrotype, quizzlet
      • Fluency with zoom to create more student engagement- polls, breakout rooms, moderation of chat.
    • My areas of continuous improvement:
      • How I mark up students' essays when they submit them online to provide constructive feedback
      • Collecting a wider range of Youtube videos to help with common problems in my class/ in English
    • How have I changed:
      • I have become more interesting in the gamification of the classroom; I believe that is a stronger way to get students learning and definitely get the student engagement a teacher wants in a classroom.
      • Overall, I have become a lot more aware of the apps that are out there to use as a teacher; especially consider that apps were non-existant when I was a student graduating in 2011.
    • Most proud of:
      • That I took iniative with a couple of the apps and technologies that other teachers don't really even use at Excelsior. When I got student feedback about these apps, it was mostly positive.

Example App