Detailed Math Plans

Week One Math Plans:


Math Boxes


Journal Pages

Math Game

Home-work Pages


Page 236

7.1 SRB pages 100-101 are useful in understanding this lesson. If you look online, you will find video links.

Complete pages 233-234 and I will send you a picture of the correct answers, so you can check your work. If you are confused, call me or Facetime me during school hours and we can work on it together.

You should also complete page 235. This should be a review J

Fraction Of



Page 239

7.2 Pages 204-206 in the SRB are helpful. There is a video on page 206 in the online SRB.

Complete Journal page 237-238 and check them against the correct answers I email you. Again, reach out during school hours if you need help.

Spoon Scramble

*This is not an online game. Look at the directions in the SRB to see if this is something you can play at home. The cards are on Activity Page 19 in the back of your journal.