Kid Friendly Websites

Here is a list of some great websites to visit at home.  This is the link to Stow Munroe Falls City Schools' official website. Each student has a username and password for Study Island.  Please do not change your child's password.  I highly recommend visiting this website often; students can play games and answer questions that are in the same format as the questions on the Ohio Achievement Assessment.  This website has tons of fun math games! You get to pick your game piece and grade level.  Also check out the silly mad-libs to get more practice with adjectives!

Story StartersThis website quickly becomes a class favorite!  Students can pick grade level, enter name, and then create a silly story.  It is a great way to practice writing and typing.  Anytime you need to research a topic or want to find out more about something, this sight is perfect!  There's also links to resource books and games! Almost everything you want to know about animals is on this page!  Check out all of the games and activities! Become a math magician!  This site is great for practicing all of your math facts! All sorts of games in all different subjects! 


Force and Motion Roller Coaster: This website is perfect practice during our force and motion unit.  Students create a roller coaster while exploring the vocabulary words discussed in class.  

Practice Spelling! Visit this page on our class website for fun and effective ways to practice spelling words.