Spelling & Vocabulary Words

The spelling pattern, along with the words for the next week will be written in Friday's newsletter.  Students will practice these words throughout the week.  On the test on Friday, approximately 5 additional words will be added to the list that follow the same spelling pattern; they will not be given to the students before the test.


No new words until 4th grade!! :)

**Please note** If your child is absent on the day that the vocabulary words are defined in class, it is his/her responsibility to bring the reading book home for definitions.  S/he could also use a dictionary from home to look up the words.  This way, each student will be prepared for the vocabulary test on Fridays.  

Vocabulary tests are given on Fridays.  Test formats may vary.
Fun ways to practice at home:

Spelling City! http://www.spellingcity.com/ This website is a great way to use the computer and practice your spelling words at the same time!  You can insert your own list (hint: click on add more words... third graders have more than 5 words!) and the website will test you and give you many, many fun games to play using YOUR list!!

Type Them! - Type all of your spelling words on the computer or on a handheld. You can even email them to me!

Fancy Letters - Use old magazines, catalogs, or newspapers to cut out letters and glue them down to spell your words!

Water Wash - (Warm day required!) Use a paintbrush and water to write your words on the sidewalk!

ABC Order - Write your words in alphabetical order. Then write them in reverse alphabetical order.

Story Time - Write a story using ALL of your spelling words.

Sentences- Write a sentence for each spelling word.

Colorful Words - Use two different color pens to write your spelling words. Use one color to write the consonants and the other for the vowels. Do this one more time. Close your eyes and picture the word in your mind. Now try and write the word with just one color.

Finger Tracing - Use your finger to spell out each of your words one letter at a time on your Mom, Dad, brother, sister or friend's back. Then it’s YOUR turn to feel and spell.

Stairsteps - Write words as if they are stairs, adding one letter each time. (If you are using lined paper, begin up against the left margin line. If  you are using graph paper, begin on the left.)

Here's an example:              

 -http://www.geogreeting.com/main.html geoGreeting uses buildings from around the world to type your words! It's exciting to see the different buildings!  Type all of your words and either print or email your finished creation.

*Write each spelling word without its vowels. Replace each vowel  with a line. 

 *Write your spelling words in crayon or pen. Write each consonant letter in red and each vowel in blue.

 *Write the words and cross out all of silent letters.

 *Print each word.  Next to it, write the word in cursive.

  *Make a set of flashcards for studying your words.

   *Write each spelling word three times.



Some spelling ideas I have created or found on my own and some have been shared from Elrod Multiage website and bnewingham's webpage.