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Welcome to your page in the Bullying Prevention website. This page includes forums  and stories that will help you understand how bullying begins and who it effects. The articles included will allow you to either take preventative measures towards children or adults that you know or will enable you to discover resources to change a bullying situation. The forums provide a worry-free way to communicate with educators and parents that can address your specific situation. These forums can also enable adults to hear others stories and recognize the signs of bullying early. 

The tips and techniques provided allow adults to learn what to do about bullying both inside their home and out.  The section also provides programs to help cope with bullying and prevent your child from becoming a bully themselves.  

After your browse through the page and all of the links, check out the quizzes at the bottom to determine if your child is a bully and what your know about bullying.


Forums and Stories:

The work of David Levine is featured in my section for educators because of his powerful workshops. I have also included a link here  for parents because he specifically reaches out to parents and addresses teaching empathy at home. Here you can find a short video and an hour long listening segment from David. 

Bullying Forum:

Cyberbullying Story:

Bullying Story:

Did you Birth a Bully? 


Tips and Techniques: