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Hello and welcome to your section of the site. This page includes a short video on bullying in the classroom and other exciting links. The sections below include assemblies that can be used school and district-wide to address students as a whole. These assemblies are helpful to prevent bullying as well as make children aware of signs of bullying. Not all children will get involved to break up bullying because they either don't know how to help or do not realize their lack of interfering is supporting the bullying.

The lesson plans included below are useful for teachers of all grades. Explore each option to determine which lesson fit best into your curriculum. Do not forget to use the tabs above to go back to the homepage as well as navigate to another section.

Reminder: The NYS Learning Standards are located on the main page.

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After exploring all of the links on this site go to the bottom of the page to find quizzes to give students and bullying and quizzes to take yourself to determine what you know about bullying. 


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Recently, I attended a program on teaching empathy. The Guest speaker, David Levine, explained to me that by teaching empathy we are preventing bullying by teaching children compassion and giving them real-life situations where they can understand their impact on others. His main site can be found here . David Levine includes many different workshops for both teachers and students on his website. He uses music to power his teachings and real-life examples to relate to students. These articles include how David has impacted many school districts.


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Stop Bullying Now!

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