Our Classroom


Welcome to room B1 where we work hard to play hard.  


This is a place where unique strengths, abilities and personalities are celebrated.  Students are held to high standards while given individualized support to reach their academic, social and behavioral goals.  Technology is an important part of our classroom as it promotes interest and engagement while fostering the necessary 21st century skills to flourish in our society.  Integrating movement into our learning also helps keep our minds focused because when we have busy bodies, we have busy brains.   We enjoy PE every Wednesday and art every Friday, as well as periodic STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) challenges.  By keeping learning exciting, students are motivated to reach for rigorous behavioral and academic expectations.

In our classroom, we continually ask ourselves, “Is this work I can be proud of?”  


Just as in daily life, students are shown that when we do good things, good things happen.  Therefore, our class closely adheres to the school-wide Positive Behavior Support (PBS) system in which students earn incentives for exhibiting Safe, Respectful, Responsibile and Scholarly behavior.  In our classroom, the incentives are designed to be enticing, ensuring a fun and exciting environment.  Students work toward individual incentives such as sitting in swivel chairs, choosing from the prize box and inviting a friend to eat lunch in the classroom.  To encourage teamwork, collaboration and a sense of community, students also earn class-wide incentives including extra recess, special treats and activities.