Week of August 31-September 3, 2010:

   Homework #1 (Monday, August 31, 2010) - Write a 5-paragraph essay stating, outlining, and explaining what your expectations for the school year are.  What objectives are there to help you reach a reasonable goal in June 2011?  Be sure you use proper format in writing an essay:

1)  Introduction paragraph - be very general but include a topic sentence/thesis that informs the reader what the essay will be about

2)  Paragraphs 2-4:  These are your body body paragraph and each one will be centered on one of your your expectations/objectives and how they will be met.

3)  Paragraph 5: Conclusion of what you just wrote - summarizing your first four paragraphs. 

Proofread your work.  You will be graded on spelling, punctuation, grammar, content, and flow of essay.  Due Tuesday, September 1.