French 6th Grade

5/20-5/21 Telling time presentation slides and activities on BB

5/19 Verb Avoir and Expressions with Avoir on BB presentation slides and activities 

5/18 Last week! Yupeee! 

Vocab Video (It's kinda long, but it has a lot to say about the vocab!): and do activities on Black Board. 

5/15 Finish all activities for this week. 

5/13- 5/14 Write answers to activities on -ir verbs osted on BB. 

5/11-5/12  Watch Grammar video on BB about -ir verbs and do activities posted there. Watch song Choisir by Partick Fiori If you hace trouble opening activities on BB let me know and I will email them to you. Zoom office hours  today at 12pm not 1 pm Meeting ID: 988 4902 9240   Password: 728246

5/8 Watch video cartoon and write in French on BB what do they drink in the story. Watch video story on TV5 “Gribouille le Magicien” and answer” Qu’est-ce qu’ils boivent?

5/7 Do activities on Grammar verbs and partitives articles on BB. Ne.. pas goes arounfd the verb and is followed by DE or D'(vowel or H) 

5/6 Three activities on BB. If you have a whole item it is UN/UNE, if you have a part of something it is DU, DE LA, DE L'.. If you have plural it is DES. If you have a negative sentence it is NE or N'...

Here is a sing along

5/5 Three activities to write answers on Boire, Prendre, Comprendre, Apprendre. 

5/4 Read pages on slide about verbs Prendre, Boire and Partitive Articles, watch videos and write nicely the verbs.

Song "Je comprends pas"

5/1 Word Search on BB

4/30 Crossword on BB 

4/29 There is Questions making activity on Black Board.

4/28 Listening Activity on BlackBoard.

Take an exclusive tour of the premises of Chambord, one of the world’s most recognizable castles and learn about its history, geographic setting and conservation efforts. Experience the beautiful history of Chambord HERE: #culturefromhome #explorefrance #experiencefrance #frenchhistory

4/27 Vocab 4B There is a list of words on BB, one activity to write and a video to watch

Zoom office hours today at 1 pm Meeting ID: 932 5372 5550     Password: 796525 

4/24 Complete all activities for this week. Nothing more smiley Bon week-end! heart

4/23 Last activity on slide 4/22 Reading and make/write questions after this reading. 

4/22 Two more activities on Questions 

Zoom Office Hours Meeting 1pm ID: 930 6122 4835     Password: 462051

4/21 Watch video Forming Questions on BB and write answers to two activities on two slides after the video.  Watch previous video from 4/20 if needed on different types of questions. 

4/20 Watch Questions video and do one activity of 10 questions.

4/17 Practice Aller on quizlet

4/16 Listening activity on BlackBoard Assignments. 

4/15 Listen to the song Sur La Route and Verb Aller explanation video posted on BB. Complete all other work assigned. Zoom today 1-2 pm if you have questions  Meeting ID: 987 5051 0701
Password: 55251

4/14 No Flipgrid for me. Do Act 4 and 5 the last slide I will put on BB today Write sentences. No work tomorrow. I will post a video and a song.

4/13 Hope you had nice Easter! Eiffel Tower was struck by lightning yesteday, check the pictures on google Eiffel Tower Lighting Strike. We will have Zoom time 1-2 pm Mon and Wed to ask questions if you have any. I started putting Fun French Activities on my main classroom tab right after my picture with Bella. Best French shows, Free French Vieo games , etc.


Look up on intenet verb Aller -to go in Present tense and write its forms. Than do activities that I posed on BlackBoard. 


4/9 Write answers to 3 activites, I emailed them to you and posted on BB. 


  1. Act 6 page 112 Read example and write your letter to your friend in which you describe your activities during the week. Use expressions from the list provided on the page 112.
  2. Read Les Sons et les Lettres on page 113, say words and sentences outloud
  3. Write in your own words the meaning of the sayings in Dictons.

4/7  Picture on BB (if you don't see well email me)

  1. Write answers to Act 1 and 3 on page 111.
  2. Write 9 sentences for act 4 page 112 and read them to your parents. Communication!

4/6 Vocab 4A pages 110-111 

  1. Write these new words in two column notes.
  2. Pronounce words with my video at least 2 times.
  3. Read the words to your parent and/or other family member or pet.

4/5 I created a task Yannick Noah on Black Board. Check if you can upload your file there!

Here are some free French video games for you!

4/3 Try to upload your homework from 4/1 to Black Board. Read your description of Yannick Noah to your parents and other family members at least 3 times. Try to pronounce everything the best yuo can. Google how to say unknown words. 

4/2 I opened French Class for you on Black Board -BB. Go to BB and familiarize yourself with what is in there. I did not put any information there yet. If you can't log in, send me an email. 

 4/1 I hope you are all doing well right now and I am sure you can't wait to start learning something new in French! If not, write me a short email about your thoughts. My family and I are doing good so far, not sick, hope your's is doing ok. 

Here we go - ALLEZ! 

Assignment: Read in English about Yannick Noah and write in French 8-10 sentences about him and his life. 

Do not turn in so far, I get 100 emails per day right now. Keep it untill the end of the week, please. 


3/31 I sent everybody a survey form that needs to be completed by 4/2. Thank you! I will post assignments later today or tomorrow. Hope you and your families are doing ok. I will be switching to using Blackboard at some point, so do not be surprised when I post that announcement. 


3/11 If you have below 80% you can find "zero" grades and make it up for half credit, unless it's a quiz, and email it to me or bring on Monday. 

3/10 Email me your presentation and present tomorrow.

3/4 Study for quiz numbers 30-100, locations, culture Amitie et Depardieu

2/28 Panorama reading questions 1-10, two hand-outs with questions

2/25 Act 3 and 5 on page 99 - write sentences , not questions.

2/24 Finish hand-out the second side, write 2 locations for each object.

2/20 Study how to spell numbers 30-100

2/19 Study numbers 1-100 how to say and spell

2/18 Finish hand-out

2/12 Study for quiz hand-out and verbs avoir and etre on pages 26 and 82.

2/11 Puzzle on Professions , no B, one side only

2/10 Piuzle

2/7 Study new vocabulary from hand-out and finish project if needed

2/6 Finish and present in French Family project

Work on project “Ma Famille”.

Present it in class next Friday!

Divide paper in 6 parts and draw and describe in French 6 members of your family

Give in French:

  • names, relationship to you, age
  • physical description (height, hair, eyes, etc.)
  • personal descriptions

 Make it neat and colorful

2/5 Hand-out page 2

2/4 page 1 (77) on hand-out

2/3 Vocab  flashcards or Notes from hand-out

1/29 Study for quiz : Possessive Adjectives , contractions with preposition DE and adjectives and their forms  from hand-out

Textbook pages 95-96, Hand-out questions 82, 83, 84, 85, review packet

1/28 Hand out pages 3-4