Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures for Pierce Middle School and 7th Grade Team A

Please note: These Policies and Procedures are also found in the front of the student planner!

Electronic Devices

Dress Code

Locker Use

  • Every student is assigned a locker
  • Students should NOT share a locker or keep their stuff in another student's locker
  • Students should NOT share their locker combination with other students

Planner Use

  • Every student is given a school planner on the first day of school
  • Students must put their name in multiple places in their planner
  • Students must take this planner to every class
  • Students must copy the classroom agenda into the planner every hour
  • If a student loses their planner, they must pay $5 for a replacement
  • Students must bring home all flyers and notes written in planner


  • Pierce uses the Positive Behavior Support System (PBS)