About Me

I was born in Long Beach, California, a long time ago, when Eisenhower was President.  I moved to Crestline, which I consider my hometown, in second grade.  Upon graduation from Rim of the World High School I traveled to Iowa to begin seminary.  I continued seminary in Los Angeles, Mississippi, and Chicago.  I met my awesome wife, Mrs. Castillo (6th-grade teacher here at M.C.) and we married.  We have two grown children, one married, no grandkids yet, and it's killing me.  I work with developmentally disabled children adults before becoming a teacher.


I enjoy teaching, but even more I enjoy learning.  I love to joke around. I can get a little gross.  I am firm and have high expectations for all students and myself but I am fair and will admit when I have failed.


I love working in the yard , doing woodwork, see movies, reading, and traveling.  I drink Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr. Pepper by the gallons. (They  have water, right?)  I am trying to play golf but will little success. (stupid game).