Interactive Games


Wie viele Kilos? How many kilos does it take to launch a bird onto a tree branch?
Test your German on various topics
Online board game/ beginning German expressions and greetings
Fun resources for beginning German
12 most common words in German
practice the most common soccer words in German
Hobbies, Sportarten, Wochentage (days of the week), sentence structure, negation..
Sendung mit der Maus. Play various games with the popular German mouse cartoon.
giving directions
A German comic. Can you guess what the sentences mean>
The Euro. Play a game to get to know the Euro.
Practice German Food vocab with this game
Practice German vocab for fruit and vegetables with this game
Practice German animal words with this online game
How about some math? Practice German numbers and test your speed with this
beginning numbers game
Grow your "own garden" withe these vocabulary games. Hear the word pronounced,
see how it is spelled and learn it.
learn German vocab with games
Learn German with Babbel and progress at your own pace
German songs, fairy tales short stories and many other fun activities from a UK based 
Die Wochentage- put the days of the week in correct order
Cognates and false cognates
Take an interactive German course with Deutsche Welle,
To login, the username is "aaps" and the password is "annarbor".
Practice your German by watching short videos im Goetheinstitut Deutschlandlabor
Great German links for practice
Make your own animated movie


Have Fun!
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