Mr. Graham's 9th Grade History Class

Welcome to 9th grade History!      

I hope that you are as excited for this new year as I am. Together we are going to look back through the ages of human history and try to discover what happened, why it happened, and what effect it had.  Also, we are going to see if we can make any connections to today's world.  

In our time together we are going to start in the ancient world and move towards modern times. We will also be paying close attention to conflicts between different peoples and the use of technology.  In addition, geography will be an important aspect of this course because it is important to know where events happened in relation to one another.  


This page will serve as a tool for this class.  It has information regarding the class and the school that can be used by both students and parents.  I will also use this site to post homework as well as any other announcements about class.