Rules & Expectations


1.     Keep hands and feet to yourself

2.     Respect the teacher and other students

3.     Be in your seat and working when the bell rings (focus question will be on written on board)

4.     Remain in your seat unless instructed otherwise

5.     Come to class prepared every day with book and completed assignments

                *Students will be allowed some input for class rules, so these may be added to or modified. Any changes to the rules will be made on here*


1.     Verbal warning

2.     Stay after class

3.     Participation points docked

4.     Call or note home to parent/guardian

5.     Referral to Principal’s office

Severe Clause—This classroom is a safe environment for learning and any physical or verbal attacks or threats will meet with the student being sent directly to the principal’s office


Behavior Contract:                                  

Any student whose behavior is found to be a common problem in class will meet with the teacher to fill out a behavior contract.  This contract will spell out exactly what the problem behavior is and how that behavior is going to be changed.  It will also have the rewards and consequences for meeting or not meeting the requirements.  Both the teacher and the student will sign the contract.


Field Trips- Students who consistently follow the rules will be eligible to go on field trips throughout the year.  However, low grades can still keep a student from being allowed to participate.

Extra Credit- Students will have the opportunity for extra credit throughout the year for doing extra work.  This could include, but is not limited to, reporting to class on historical movie or documentary or writing a report on a topic related to class