Mrs. DiGi's First Grade Class


Welcome back to school! My name is Mrs. DiGirolamo but you can call me Mrs. DiGi. I am so excited about our first grade year.  We are going to learn so much, have fun and make great friends. Let's get started!  


School items you will need: 1 package of pencils, 1 box of crayons, 1 package of lined paper with three holes, 1 dry erase marker, 1 box of tissues, 1 hand sanitizer  





Theme for August 29-September 2 : Getting to Know You


Homework Every night: 1 Math page and 1 Phonics page


Additional Homework Thursday Night: Read your Poem for someone at home and have it signed.


Homework For the Weekend: Practice your Buzz words for the Spelling Test on Monday.


Buzz Words for this week:  I,  a,  it,  up,  go


When Homework is returned to you, anything that needs to be fixed will be circled.  Homework can ALWAYS be corrected and re-turned in.  Once you receive a stamp, the homework may stay at home.










Students will receive 2 warnings for inappropriate behaviors and then they will receive an X and/or be removed from the situation.


Students with 2 Xs will have a note sent home.


Students with 3 Xs will call home and I will also speak with a parent.


Students with 4 Xs will be sent to the principal.


Students with 5 Xs will not participate in the Merit.


It is possible to earn back your Xs for exceptional behavior.







Classroom Rules:

Yet to be determined by the class.







Procedure of the Classroom:






Buzz Words:


because        off        out        its        of        by         them        who        and        one        then        now              had        she        got       to        not         many        my        in        but        some         mom        is        what       so  over         you         all         these         did         that         were         would       down        it         when       other         day        he         we        into         me        for        there         has          house         was         man        go          us          on         an         her           may          are          your          two         the        as          which       like         get         with           their          him           little         his          said         see          very           they         if           come          after           at          do          could          our          be           will          no           came            this      just        make          saw         from           about          than           went         I           how           look          put           have     up        been         going


*Highlighted Buzz Words have already been studied and should be automatic!





Class Pet:






What will we do this week?

*This week will be a lot of learning the procedures of the classroom.

*We will determine our class rules.

*We will meet each other and our class pet.

*We will receive our neat journals for Writing, Poems, Math and Quiet Work.

*We will learn a new poem.

*We will learn about Buzz Words.

* We will learn about word families.

*We will read a story.

*We will write a sentence about our story.




*Social Studies

*We will talk about what we did this summer and write a story.

*We will have a show and tell.

*We will not have homework on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.






Some Websites that I recomend: (For Parents)





                         How to contact me:                                


Mrs. Alexandra Ditje DiGirolamo


Mrs. Ali DiGi

Williamson Elementary, Youngstown City Schools


Room Number:

Phone: 330-744-7155   X

Fax:  330-480-1902

Address: 58 Williamson Ave. Youngstown, Ohio 44507

Principal: Wanda Clark


The mission of Williamson Elementary School is to have students attend school everyday, show academic success and to be good citizens.


Williamson Promise:

I am somebody, because I am uniquely made. I can be anything I want to be because failure is not an option. I will strive for excellence everday. I will respect my teacher, my friends, and myself. I am a Williamson Eagle and I soar!