The Trojan War !



How Did The Trojan War Begin - The Trojan War Began Over A Wedding Dinner For The Gods And Godesses. At The Dinner They Some How Forgot To Send An Invitation The Goddess Eris. Eris Was Angry So She Decided To Make An Apple Meant For The Most Beautiful Girl In The World And They Were Athena , Hera , And Aphrodite. Eris Made The God Of The Sky Zeus Choose Out Of The Three Girls. Zeus Felt That It Was Too Much Pressure For Him So He Made The Son Of King Prium Paris , Paris Also Couldnt Choose Out Of The Three But Suddenly Aphrodite Said To Him " If You Choose Me Ill Give You Helen" . Helen Is The Most Beautiful Girl In The World And Also The Love Of Paris's Life. So When Paris Went To Visit Helen She Fled With Him. Helen Was Already Married To Someone, She Was Married To King Menelaus. The King Was Furious So Him And His Brother Agganemnon Organized A Large Greek Expedition Against Troy To Get Back Helen. THE WAR HAS BEGUN !