The Power of The Mind And Free Choice



Emotional Labour is a term, any corporate can relate to. But it gets awry, once you visit a psychiatrist’s office and find students as young fourteen years of age waiting reluctantly, covered in drag black clothes, kohl lined eyes and pierced body-parts They are usually flanked with harrowed parents, who are trying to find that point in the time line, when their child jabbed the hard-rock plugs into the ears, and actually meant it. The boundaries are carefully raised by these children, and feared by their parents, although they put on a brave indignant face of discipline. They know that the child they raised is long gone, and the questionable teenager next to them is someone they can simply not accept and this is when the Emotional Intelligence comes in the picture. 


But the child is yearning to be accepted on the inside. And if the parents pretended to have not seen this change and simply be okay with it, or even would have pretended to be pleasantly surprised about this new persona, the medium and reason of rebellion would have instantly dissolved through Interpersonal Skills. I take this example, not only for this wide prevalence, but because, if a person is not weighed, meted and analysed right from the childhood, the stains of pain stay forever, and the stress to constantly prove oneself as rebellious, represses the real person, that was never really came out. Hence, is the need for stress management?


Raising Stress- The Parent And The Child

Right from our tender ages, our parents’ model us a certain way, that is the way of the world. “Free choice” is a forbidden privilege.

  • So, when the child sees the slightest crevasse to break free, he barges into the same. He completely moulds into the personality that goes against everything the parents have made him believe and he also focus on Goal Setting.
  • The parents feel that the taught beliefs stay in their children as a chosen value-system. But usually it ends up being shackles of bondage to “older people”. With age, comes confidence, good and bad, and the need to exercise freedom.


Taste Of Responsibility- “The Choice Is Yours”

  • So the only way to manage stress is to educate them- “Choice ‘A’ leads to consequence ‘B’, choice ‘C’ leads to consequence ‘D’. Now you choose what you want.”
  • Once faced with free choice, it loses its privilege-status and also Work Life Balance becomes the responsibility that it truly is.
  • And then the children will either ask for the parents’ opinion, without being cautious of being told what to do, or they will silently follow that safest tried-and-tested path, that of their parents.


Remember, one should never demand request, it instils fear and mistrust and should concentrate on Mindfulness. One should command respect, by giving respect. It instils reverence. If you treat a person as an adult, only then can he or she taste the privilege and responsibility that come with free choices. And dealing with it is the only way to handle stress.