Welcome to Miss Diggs's Classroom

Welcome to Miss Diggs’s Classroom!

Dear Greenera Parents and Guardians, I would like to welcome you to my classroom. I am eager to begin our school year as there are many new and exciting activities awaiting you and your child. My name is Kimberly Diggs and I am a 2011 graduate of Benedictine University located in Lisle, Illinois. It is there where I earned my bachelors degree in Special Education. I have been teaching high school for the past two years and am looking forward to a successful third year.

This upcoming year in my classroom I will be apply my philosophy; every student is fully able to learn and live in a life of abundance. With all of this in mind, students will be partaking in many community based programs, related services and vocational skills. Through our community based program trips students’ independence skills will be enhanced greatly. These trips include the grocery store, mailroom and local restaurants. At these locations students will practice socially acceptable skills as well as money management. There will be mainly in class simulations daily in preparation for these trips.

I am very much looking forward to working with your children this upcoming year. Thank you in advance for allowing me to take this wonderful opportunity to further my inquiry in this field. It is your students who bring me through day in and day out. Please feel free to contact me at any given point you may need. My e-mail address is Kimberly_Diggs@ben.edu.


                                                            Thank you again,                                                                                             Kimberly Ann Diggs