Miss Diggs's Daily News

Extra, Extra! Classroom News!

The leaves maybe turning outside yet it is greener than ever in room 213! This year we are gearing up and focusing our attention to the well-being of our plan. In collaboration with the rest of Greenera High we will be taking small yet green steps to better our enviornment.

At the start of each week we will walk as a class around the school building and pick up any existing rubbish. We will wear gloves and goggles for our safety.

Next we will make a class compost bin. We will construct this as a class. To build the compost bin we will begin with a large rubbermaid container. We will then drill holes along the bottom and sides for ventelation. We will then pile in a few loads of dirt, newspaper scrappings, and other plants. Then once complete, we will leave this compost bin outside where we will visit it once a day after lunch. We will save our food scraps and put them in it. These food scraps will decompose creating a nutricous meal for all of Greenera's landscaping.

In addition to this we as a class will be collecting recyclables. Our entire school is partaking in a contest to see which class can accumulate the highest level. Therefore, please feel free to donate your recyclables. At the end of each week our class will walk around the building and collect the recyclables furthermore decifering the winner of this contest. The class to accumulate the most recyling each month will earn a pizza party for their entire class.

Thank you for your support!