Netiquette is a word made from the internet and ediquette. There are numerous places online to find these rules. Each place is not the same. Below are the rules/guidelines common in most.

Netiquette defined: like ediquette, it is about polite behaviors in society. Ediquette is simply the rules for good behavior online. Rules for communitation such as email, social media, online chat, web forums, website comments, multiplayer gaming, and any other type of online communication. 

Below are the 10 most common rules of netiquette.

1. Avoid posting offensive or provoking comments online (a.k.a. flaming).

2. "Be suspicious of strangers". Just like in real life, there are people who are not trustworthy and mean you harm. Be careful. Think Safety First! Do not trust emails from people you do not know, especially those who want you to clink on something that will open up a link.

3. Respect others' privacy by not sharing information, pictures, videos, etc of of other people. They may not want those to be published. Remember the Golden Rule.

4. Never spam others by sending large amounts of unsolicited email.

5. Do not troll (try to deliberately create trouble) people in web formats or website comments by nagging or annoying them.

6. Stick to the topic when posting in an online format or dhen commenting on photos or videos (like YouTube) or on Facebook.

7. Avoid replying to negative comments with more negativity. Break that cycle with a positive post.

8. If someone ask a question that you know the answer to, offer to help them.


9. Thank others who may help you online.

10. Exhibit good sportsmanship when online gaming, even if you lose.



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