Technology Rules / Acceptable Technology Use Policy

Technology Rules

  • Students must follow all system guidelines for using Internet. 
  • If you don't finish your classwork that if for today, tomorrow you use paper (If you are caught off task more than once.)
  • Misuse of the school system's technology will subject students to have computer/iPad privileges revoked.
  • Students must follow teachers instruction on specific apps, web tools, etc that are being used during classtime.
  • Students must never download any app without permission from the teacher.
  • Students must never take iPads home.  They must remain at school.
  • Student must never share their personal login information.
  • Only print if you have permission from teacher.
  • Students are not allowed to place screen locks on iPads.
  • Students will be responsible for any damages made to their school issued device.



Acceptable Technology Use Policy


After reading the technology rules above both student and parent should print and sign Acceptable Technology Use Policy Form.



I have read and understand the Acceptable Use of Technology Policies. I fully understand that I am ultimately responsible for my own actions and the school reserves the right to take whatever disciplinary action is deemed necessary, if any of these policies are violated 



Student Name (printed): _______________________________________________________


Student Signature: _______________________________________________________________


Date: ______________________________





I have read and understand my child is to adhere to the policies set by the school. I understand that if my child violates any of these policies, the school reserves the right to take whatever disciplinary action is deemed necessary. I understand that my child’s activities on the servers can and will be monitored and any violations can result in disciplinary action and/or appropriate legal action 

___ I give or ____ I don’t give my child permission to take part in the technology system set up for the students of the school 




Parent Signature: ____________________________________________________


Date: ______________________________________