Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Technology Use Policy




     An Acceptable Use Policy is an important document which governs students' use of the internet at school and covers a wide range of issues surround the rights, responsibilities and privileges; this also covers sanctions while connected with computer usage. 

     The curriculum goals of our school call for integrating technology into our instructional programs and classroom practice. Towards the end, students' access to and use of electronic resources, including the Internet, is age and grade-appropriate. Use of the internet by our students is required to be related directly to specific curriculum objectives in our classroom. 

     With this opportunity to make use of electronic resources comes the need for personal responsibility on the part of the users. To ensure responsible use we have enclosed an Acceptable Use Agreemet to be signed by parent and child. Please discuss this agreement with your child and emphasize its importance. Noncompliance can result in revocation of computer-use privileges. 

     For your child's safety, we strongly recommend that you monitor your children's at home access to the Internet. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to ensure that all of our students make use of our computer resources in a safe and responsible manner. 


Please read, print and sign the Acceptable Use Agreement below: 




As a part of my schoolwork, my classroom give me the use of computers and storage space on the server for my work. My behavior and language are to follow the same rules I follow in my class and in my school. To help myself and others, I agree to the following promises:


  1. I will use the computers only to do school work, and not for any other reason. I will not store material that is not related to my schoolwork.
  2. I will use the Internet only with my teacher’s permission.
  3. I will not give my password to anyone else, and I will not ask for or use anyone else’s password.
  4. I will not put on the computer my address or telephone number, or any other personal information about myself or anyone else.
  5. I will not upload, link, or email an image of myself or others without my teacher’s permission.
  6. I will not play games that my teacher has not approved.
  7. I will be polite and considerate when I use the computer; I will not use it to annoy, be mean to, frighten, threaten, tease, bully, or poke fun at anyone; I will not use swear words or any other rude language.
  8. I will not damage the computer or anyone else’s work.
  9. I will not take credit for other people’s work.
  10. If I have or see a problem, I will tell my teacher.
  11. My teacher may look at my work to be sure that I am following these rules, and if I am not, there will be consequences that may result in me losing my computer privileges.


Print Student’s Name: ___________________________________ Grade: _________


Student Signature: ______________________________________Date: ___________


Parents: I have read and discussed with my child the Acceptable Use Agreement, and I give permission for his or her use of the resources. I understand that computer access is conditional upon adherence to the agreement.

Print Parent’s Name: _____________________________________________________

Parent Signature: _______________________________________Date: ___________


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Acceptable Use Policy Sources:



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