Classroom Technology Rules

Why have classroom technology rules?

 Although technology is a great resource to use inside as well as outside the classroom, it can easily be misused. Due to this, teachers need to establish a set of guidelines to allow students to understand what is allowed and what is not allowed while using their technology. 

        What technology rules should look like:   

They way teachers display their technology rules are what will make or break whether the rules are followed or not. If rules are too complicated, or do not relate to a student's life they will not want to follow the rules provided. Below are some basic tips on how to create appropriate rules that will not only cover all of the rules you want your students to follow, but are simple enough to where students do not feel overwhelmed. 

1. Rules should be short and sweet, do not get into too many technicals of a situation or device.

2. Rules should connect to what students are doing. If a rule does not apply to them they will dismiss it immediately and could possibly find other rules that may apply a little bit more, but students will find reasons to dismiss it as well. 

3. Students should understand why a rule is there. If a student does not understand why they have a rule, there is a chance that they completely ignore it.                          

Below is a video emphasizing why having technology rules within a classroom and a school is so important. This video also highlights different ways a school can teach and enforce these rules. 

Examples of technology rules: 

Technology rules need to cover a variety of things simply because technology rules does not only include being online. Below are some topics that technology rules should cover:

1. Rules about how to handle, transport and store technology.

2. Rules about how to login and how to create a login.

3. Rules about sites to use and sites not to use. 

4. Rules about how to communicate with peers online. 

5. Rules about what to post/share and what is inapropriate. 

6. Rules about what to do if you see a rule being broken. 

Here is a website with some examples of classroom technology rules

10 Classroom Rules for Using Technology – Whooo's Reading Blog

Below is a video giving examples of rules created by a classroom on how to use the technology in their school. 

Ways to implement these rules:

The best way to implement technology rules is to include the students. If a student feels like they had some part in creating the technology rules, they will have more motivation to follow the rules. Ways teachers can include their students can be by having them write some examples of which rules they think are important, voting on the final list of rules, signing a digital citizenship agreement, and having students explain why they feel certain rules are more important than others.

Technology in the Classroom - Sailing into Second

Below is a fun song students can listen to to motivate them to follow technology rules.


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