Acceptable Technology Use Policy for Students and Parents to Sign

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*A copy of this form will be sent home with each student, please sign and return.

2018-2019 Acceptable Technology Use Policy

The following policy will be discussed and followed closely throughout the school year in our classroom. Please read and discuss the importance of the technology policy with your child. Any misuse of the guidelines will result in the loss of their device.



-Bring your device to school charged. 

-Only use your device when teachers give you permission.

-When using Chromebooks or computers issued by the school system please do not change the settings or share your device or password with anyone else. 

-Do not download anything unless your teacher has given you permission.

- Only visit approved sites. No IM or chat rooms are allowed.

-DO NOT give out any personal information. This is for the safety of you and other students.

- When using a cell phone remain on task or the teacher will take your device from you until the class is over. 

-Do not browse the internet when the teacher is talking or when you are supposed to be working on an assignment. 


-The consequence will depend on the circumstance. The student will not be allowed to use the computer for a day, week, month, or an entire school year.

-If a student’s device is taken away they will be expected to complete the assignment using pencil and paper.

-A letter will be sent home to the student’s parent, explaining the circumstance and the consequence. This letter should be signed and returned.

* I accept these expectations and consequences and have discussed them with my family.

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