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Having Netiquette is very important, especially in todays world. Everything seems to be more digital. There are 10 basic rules of netiquette. 

1.  Be personal and understand that there is a person on the other end of the computer.

2. Follow rules online just like you would follow rules in everyday life

3. Follow all rules and laws. 

4. Be mindful of others. Share the web. Limit the large files you send.

5. Make sure everything you post is factual and correct.

6. Share knowledge that is helpful to others. 

7. Do not let your opinions or motions overtake you while on the web.

8. Do not post others' persoal information without their permission.

9. Do not let power get to your head.

10. Allow others' mistakes. 


The following image from shows the ten rules of netiquette.


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The following image from shows some helpful do's and don'ts. These go right along with the 10 netiquette rules discussed above. 

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One of the most important things to remember about the internet is to respect other people and the many differences of opinion. Cyberbullying can be displayed in many different ways. Cyberbullying includes but is not liited to the following: rumors, gossiping, threats, insults, teasing, lies, name-caling, harassments, and mean words.

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