Netiquette is the correct or acceptable way to behave online (  The "golden rule" says to treat others as you'd want to be treated, so having good etiquette on the internet should be the same as in real life.  



In today's world of social media, proper etiquette you see in every day human-to-human interaction is at times foreign.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are full of comments made by people that are often times inappropriate and hurtful to many users and would generally not be said in a human interaction.  However, the internet has grown to show and emphasize the worst of social media views and opinions.  It is important to note that employers and your peers will likely see what you put out on social media, so it is important to make sure that the views shared are done so with that in mind.


Cyberbullying falls in line with the "golden rule" and can be seen many times in social media.  Bullying is just as harmful online as it is in real life.  It is important to note that many young minds are using social media and there have been mulitple instances and complaints of cyberbullying on social media with students.  As educators, parents, and fellow students, it is important to conduct yourselves appropriately online and on social media and never make anybody feel bullied for thinking, dressing, or acting differently.


This video from shares way to fight cyberbullying.