Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship.... What is it?



To be a good digital citizen in today's age, you not only have to know how the basic navigation of the internet works, but you must also know how to utilize it to connect in a variety of different ways.  Digital citizenship is simply being a citizen online and is the "norms of appropriate and responsible technology use" (   Just as we promote good citizenship in the world, we promote good citizenship online.  Many educators are teaching what it means to be a good digital citizen in their classrooms by promoting online habits that are safe and effective for students.  They are also training them in the warnings of cyber-bullying, internet safety, and other we-based issues that could come up.  


The website does a great job on their webpage of describing what the term "digital citezenship" means in a video I've attached below.  For more information, like this video, about how educators, parents, or students can understand digital citizenship, there is more information on their website. 


Vicki Davis at even goes as far to say that the term "digital" in digital citizenship should be dropped.  It's just "citizenship" now becuase technology has become such a big part of our daily lives.  It is important that we understand to conduct ourselves appropriately and safely.




Resources for Digital Citizenship: