Mrs. Khouzam's Fabulous First Grade Classroom


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Happy New Year!

Enjoy browsing through the features of our site. There is a section for our weekly homework assignments and other reminders. I have provided my email address for your use, send any questions you may have. I will respond to your emails no later than twenty-four hours after you have sent it.

It is essential to have a safe learning environment in our classroom. For this to happen, there are classroom procedures and rules to abide by that will keep our class running smoothly throughout the year enabling a more efficient learning and happy first grade experience. 

We have an exciting year ahead of us full of fun learning activities. When we work together, parents and teachers, we can maximize their learning experience. Please dedicate the time at home to read with your child and review their homework to reiforce what they learn at school.

We will be having Learning Centers which I believe are extremely beneficial for a student. They encourage children to explore, relax, be themselves, and take the risk of learning without fear of failure. They will learn to be independent in their own learning in a hands-on activity. This will increase self discipline and self-motivation. In addition to that, it will allow children to understand the social world, develop communications skills, and build relationships.

All students are using a homework planner. Please be sure to check it nightly and initial it, along with our Weekly Homework tab to make sure all work is completed. Any notices or announcements will be posted there. Please check for homework policies in the Homework Policies tab. 

Reading Logs
A weekly reading log will be sent every Tuesday. This is to be kept in their HW folders. Students must log the time they read everyday in their weekly reading logs. With every entry, a parent's initials are required. Completing the log is mandatory. In addition, one book report is required to be completed each month. A different template will be handed out for each month.

There will be a Classroom Star of the Week, each week. To earn this, the student has to have completed all homework assignments on time, shown good behavior and followed all classroom rules. The Classroom Star will earn a prize, be the teacher's helper, and have their name go on the Classroom Star of the Week board, for one week. In addition to that, they will keep Felix, the class bunny, for the weekend. Felix travels with his journal, so the Classroom Star, can put a photo of him/her with Felix taken that weekend, or draw a picture of them together, along with a sentence of something fun that they did together. This will be read out loud by the Classroom Star infront of the class, before the presenting of the new Classroom Star. The Classroom Star will be interviewed by "reporters" (his/her classmates) on things they like/ dislike, favorites etc. A poster will be made out of that interview and will be placed on the Classroom Star board. The Star may bring 3 personal items they would like to share that they are proud of or are important to them for that week to hang on the board (A photo- which will be returned, will also be a nice addition to the board). It will be their week to shine!

There will also be a Bookworm Hero of the Month. A monthly calendar sheet will be kept in the student's Homework folder, to keep a track of the number of books they have completed reading that month. (The reading time can be used for their weekly mandatory Reading Logs). So whenever they complete a book, they can mark it on their calendar with a check on whatever day they completed it. At the end of the month, a prize will be given to the student with the most number of books read. Their name will be on our class bulletin board along with it being posted on the Stars tab on the class website.

We will be having Math Mad Minutes. Students will be given a minute to complete a set of Math questions. This is not a graded quiz, only a fun competition. The student with the most completed correct answers gets to be the Mad Minute Champ. They get a prize and their name goes on our class bulletin board, in addition to it going on the class website, "Stars" tab.

Eventhough handwriting is part of our school day, and it's important for all students to give their best work, rewards will be given to the Best Handwriting of the Week. This will help motivate them and keep them sharp at their handwriting skills, instead of this being a monotonous routine. 

Each student is given a Reward Punch Card. Any time a student is recognized for doing something beyond the normal, for example, helps a friend, goes the extra mile in their classwork etc., they get one hole in their card punched. When the card is punched all around, the student earns a prize from the class treasure box.

tudents will be asked to work on Accellus. There is a tab on this website for Accellus, and should there be any assigned HW or work your child should be working on, will be posted there. Students should all have an account already. If they don't, please let me know, and I will address it to Mr. S. You can also go directly to Mr. S.  

Be sure to check Power School throughout the school year to keep up with your child's progress. Test folders will be sent home bi-weekly on Wednesdays. This is another important way of keeping track of the progress. Please have children look through their mistakes, inorder to learn from them and know where they went wrong. Parent signature is required on the sheet enclosed and the tests packet.
Should you have any questions regarding a particular test, please place a post-it note inside the test folder and I will respond to you asap.


Reading - There will be a weekly Reading test for the story we are reading for the week. There will aslo be a weekly verbal test in each weeks Sight Words. A list of the weekly sight words will be posted in the Weekly Homework tab.
Spelling - Every Friday there will be a Spelling test. The weekly Spelling list will be posted on the Weekly Homework tab.
Math- There will be regular weekly quizes in addition to the end of chapter test.
Religion - Tests in Religion will not be as regular as weekly and students will be notified of the date before hand inorder for them to prepare for it.
Social Studies and Science - There will be end of Unit tests for Social Studies and Chapter tests for Science. Study guides will be given ahead of time for students to study for these tests.