What is a slip-on flange and what are its benefits?

Slip-on flanges are a type of flat welding flange. Flat welding is only used for welding the outer layer of a sandwich, not the inner layer. In general, a flat welding flange, such as an Asme B16.5 Class 600 Slip-on Flange, can be used in both medium and low-pressure pipelines. These pipelines with Tapped Slip-on Flange have a nominal pressure of less than 2.5 Mpa.There is much slip-on flange manufacturer among which you can select.




Flat welding flanges have four different sealing surfaces.The most widely used flange is the flat face Slip-on Flange. The Victaulic Slip-on Flange has the lowest price. Paddle Slip-on Flange is a type of flat welding flange containing a short hub like A350 LF2 Flange.


Slip-on Flange Asme B16.5 Class 300 or SO flanges made of carbon steel are usually less expensive than weld neck flanges. The name “8 Aluminum Slip On Flange” implies that these pipe flanges can slide over pipes. The inside diameter of the Asme B16.5 Class 150 Slip-On Flange is significantly greater than the line’s outside diameter. Corner welding in A234 WP11is links these attachments to the pipe on both the top and bottom of the Copper SORF Flange.




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To provide stability and avoid leakage in A234 WP22, slip-on flanges are slid over the line and welded. This SORF flange can have a boss or core, and it can be made with a bore to fit a pipe or tube. The Slip-on Flanges are on the lower end of the price spectrum. When cutting the line to length, SORF flanges do not require high precision.


There are many manufacturers of slip-on flanges in India, which are flanges that slip over the pipe. This sort of flange has an inner diameter that is slightly larger than the pipe’s outer diameter. The slips on flanges like WPHY 42 are a ring that is mounted over the pipe’s end and has a face that stretches beyond the pipe’s end. These flanges may also be used as lap joint flanges if Type C or Type B stub ends are used. Slip-on flanges are easier to align, and the material cost is lower than weld neck flanges. The OD of these flanges is welded to the back of the flanges.




ASTM A860 WPHY 42 Fittings




A stainless steel slip-on flange-like A182 F11 has been seamlessly designed from mill plates and stainless steel, and it complies with ASME SA240 and ASTM A240 or ASTM A182 and ASME SA182 requirements. These stainless steel slip-on flanges are designed for use in gas and oil refinery pipelines, as well as low-pressure applications in the petrochemical industry.


Final thoughts


Although the flanges are less expensive than their counterparts, buyers should be aware that the additional cost of welding (two-corner proper welding is required) during installation will offset the initial cost savings. You can look for many super duplex fittings manufacturers and select the best one.