Dear Parents and Students ,

This Fleeting World is your launch pad for a year of historical exploration. Feel free to meander through the book at your leisure, lingering on the “thought experiments” or following a tangent of an idea or question that interests you within this guide. The first thing you’ll notice about This Fleeting World is that it moves fast! But don’t worry; it’s not meant to tell you everything you need to know about human history. Rather, this book provides broad brushstrokes, noting the most significant “threshold moments” that changed the way we have lived on Earth. It will provide a skeletal timeline of, and framework for, history that we will add to over the course of our journey through World Civilizations this upcoming year.

Assignment you will have two weeks to read this book by Sept. 12, 2016 and do the homework. Please read this book daily for I will be supplementing your reading with activities from "The Big History Project" and discussing the book.

Carefully read This Fleeting World: A Short History of Humanity by David Christian

Please copy this link to the class Dropbox to access book-  https://www.dropbox.com/s/9yeuazzpq4cv2pc/This%20Fleeting%20World%20Book.pdf?dl=0link :



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You will search for your teacher : David Olivares    see below and then you will have access to your homework.

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*Weekly Assignment using the LOS ANGELES TIMES, every student will have access to the LATIMES Digital at the following web-link : http://nieonline.com/latimes/studentconnect.cfm

Class username: DolivaresJ1e

Class Password: research

Media Literacy skills are important in Social Studies  to develop critical literacy skills and educate students to be active citizens.Therefore, every week you will submit a Double-Entry Chart for Close Reading for note taking.

Copy this link and open with Adobe PDF :    https://www.dropbox.com/s/o0pevzn3193gffy/CloseReading.pdf?dl=0       

After you take notes and write  your Summary. Remember to submit to          https://dropitto.me/dolivares