Homework & Assignments

Students will be recording their daily assignments in their agenda books.  (We have not yet received the agenda books.  We are expecting them to arrive during late September.)  I will print a weekly copy of the school week and have students use that until the agendas arrive.    I will initial the assignments that are recorded each day.  My initial indicates that your child has accurately copied the homework. Students will need to show you the completed work at home.  I will always have students bring the assigned work home with them.  So, if you are being told that they already did the work at school,  it should be in their blue folder for you to check.  I ask that you initial in the  box where my initials are located after they have shown you their completed work.   

I will never assign work to your child that we have not reviewed together in class.  I will assign a pencil & paper assignment for students in the area of mathematics Monday through Thursday.  I will not assign homework over the weekend.

I understand that things happen and there are times that work may not be completed.  I ask that you email me with this information so that I am aware.  I thank you in advance for your assistance with this system.


As the year progresses I will begin to allow students to become "Solo Flyers".  This means that once they are able to demonstrate that they are capable of managing assignments on their own, they will no longer need signatures.  Parents will be notified when this happens.