Gecko Transformer

This super hero is a Transformer.  His normal form is the Geico gecko and wants all the transformers to sign up for Geico so he can help them when they get in their so called “car crash”.  He lives in the Geico Headquarters.  His auto form is a green and orange Fiat.  His job is to help repair the other transformers.  He seems to look like a normal lizard but he has a robotic arm sticking out from under his fake lizard skin.  When he transforms into the fuel efficient car he saves fuel and 15% on car insurance.  The car can travel at very fast speeds and keep up with the enemies he is fighting.  He looks like an innocent gecko but he can take off the lizard mask and reveal his robot head.  He only does that around the other transformers.  He is the guardian of the Geico boss.  The bosses ringtone is one of the things the transformers are trying to keep safe from evil.  If they can get past the gecko the ringtone played at the right time of the year can make everyone obey the person who played it.  This is why the gecko is very important.