Vocabulary Lessons

Chapter 13

accessible –adj. easily reached or entered. The front door is most accessible.

awe –noun, great respect mixed with wonder. I was in awe when I saw the monument.

cite –verb, to mention in support of a point. You must cite your page numbers.  

compatible –adj., in agreement; able to get along well; combining well. Many people are compatible with others.

exempt –adj., excused, free from some unpleasant duty or situation. You may be exempt from a test.

prevail –verb, to win; triumph. If you try, you will prevail.

propel –verb, to move forward; to provide the force that moves something. Wind can propel a windmill.

rational –adj., reasonable; logical. Most of the time people are rational in their decisions.

retort –noun, an answer, a sharp or clever reply. His retort was quick.

retrieve –verb, to get (something) back. A dog can retrieve a bone.

Lesson 14

dubious –adj--unsure; doubtful. Ex. You may be dubious about making a decision.

ecstatic –adj.--full of joy; overjoyed. Ex. I would be ecstatic if I won the lottery.

encounter -to run into; to meet, especially unexpectedly. Ex. I had a strange encounter with an odd man yesterday.

evolve –verb--to grow, change or develop gradually. Ex. Some people think that apes can evolve into men.

fallacy –noun--an error; a mistaken idea. Ex. It is fallacy to think you can safely drink and drive.

fictitious –adj.--unreal; imaginary or made-up. Ex. The people in this movie are fictitious.

gullible –adj.--easily fooled. Ex. Little children are gullible.

liable –adj.—likely. Ex. You are liable to fall if you climb too high in the tree.  

miserly –adj.--stingy; greedy. Ex. I have an uncle who is miserly with is money.

pessimist –noun--one who expects the worst, a person who tends to see the bad side of things. Ex. An optimist is the opposite of a pessimist.

Lesson 15

elapse –verb--to go by; to pass or slip by (usually said of time); We will allow three second to elapse between each photograph.

evasive –adj--indefinite; deliberately unclear; Her answer about where she had been was evasive.

fluent –adj--able of express oneself with skill and ease; She is fluent in Spanish and English.

futile –adj--hopeless; useless; unable to succeed; The efforts to save the dog are futile.

harass –verb--to annoy; to constantly irritate or disturb; to bother; If you harass people, you can get in trouble.

infer –verb--to conclude; to draw a conclusion from evidence; What did you infer the meaning of the word to be?

lethal –adj--deadly; able to cause death; A gun shot to the heart can be lethal.

obsession –noun--a constant thought; an idea or feeling, often unreasonable, which completely fills someone’ mind; His obsession with the girl was scary.

ordeal –noun--a difficult challenge; a very difficult or painful experience; The wreck was a huge ordeal for the girl who broke her legs.

persistent –adj--stubborn; refusing to quit; Being persistent can be a good thing when it comes to your grades.