Physiology Assignments


Date Assigned


Body System Notes 8/31  
ATP and Metabolism Notes 9/3  
Energy Drinks Investigative Report 9/14  
Melanoma Case Study Qs 1 & 2 9/21  
Intro to Skeletal System 10/15  
Resources for Osteoporosis 11/5/2015 Resources for Osteoporosis Assignment
Crossword Answer Form 12/2/2015  
Bone Crossword 12/2/2015 Link to online bone crossword
Joint Crossword 12/2/2015 Link to online joint crossword
Microscopic Bone Structure Quiz Game 12/2/2015 Link to Bone Structure Quiz
Bone Word Search    
Joint Word Search    
BBC Muscle Interactive 1/20/2016 Use this website to learn about major muscles, types of muscles, and muscle function.
Code Fred 1/21/2016 Play this game in Firefox
Reconstructors_Uncommon Scents 2/3/2016 Play this game to found out how chemicals can affect our nervous system
Nerve Cells 2/8/2016 Take notes from two websites to learn about the components of the nervous system.
Reaction Time Experiment 2/17/2016

Learn about how your senses, neurons, and muscles work together with this reaction time experiment.

Link to your data

Reconstructors Episode 3 2/24/2016 Play Episode 3 to learn more about the cells of the nervous system and the affect of inhalant on your nervous system.
New Science of Addiction 2/29/2016 Use the different activities on this website to learn about addiction and answer the questions in your packet.
New Science of Addiction 3/3/2016

Finish learning about addiction and choose the drug that you would like to focus on for your project.

Warm Up Discussion Question

Physiology Blog 3/7/2016 We will begin working on your drugs and the brain project which will be due next Wednesday, March 16, 2016.