Physiology Warm Ups


Warm Up


1 1.    Name 3 dreams or goals that you have for this school year or your life. 
2.    Write out a plan to reach 1 of those goals.
2 What is the purpose of school? 8/20
3 List 3 things that you believe scientists and engineers do 8/25
4 Watch the following video and write down all the science practices that were used by the scientists 8/27
  • Describe 3 things that you would like to know about the body and how it works? 
  • Are there any sicknesses or diseases that you have experienced or heard about that you would like to learn more about? Please list them.
  • When we say something gives us “energy” what does that mean? 
  • What is the biological definition of energy?
7 Using what you have found out about metabolism and energy in the body, write  what you think causes weight loss when people diet? What are the biological processes that occur?
8 What do you know about Carbohydrates or “Carbs”?
What is a low-carb diet?
How are Carbohydrates and Diabetes Related?