Biology Warm Ups


Warm Up


1 1.    Name 3 dreams or goals that you have for this school year or your life. 
2.    Write out a plan to reach 1 of those goals.


What is the purpose of school? 8/20
3 List 3 things that you believe scientists and engineers do 8/25
4 Watch the following video and write down all the science practices that were used by the scientists 8/27

•    Analyze the picture and list 3 hypotheses that could explain why the current range of sea otters is smaller than the historical range.

Sentence Starter
The current range of sea otters is smaller than the historical range because...

6 1.    Write a definition for Ecology 
2.    Write a definition for an ecosystem
3.    Draw a picture of an ecosystem
7 1.    Describe an Ecosystem in California
2.    Describe what you think the picture below means:
8 1.    How could a change in an ecosystem affect your life? Describe the chain reaction.
2.    What happens to Kelp when Sea Otter populations decline?

Observation: Dr. Haynes came home from work and found the carpet in her hallway wet. 
Observación: El Dr. Haynes llegó del trabajo y encontró la alfombra en su pasillo húmedo.

1.    Design/Plan an Investigation for the following 2 hypotheses:
Diseño / Planificar una investigación para las siguientes hipótesis:
•    Her dog Pau peed on the carpet
Su perro Pau orinó en la alfombra
•    Her niece Sophia spilled water on the carpet
Su sobrina Sofía agua derramada en la alfombra

2.    Explain what the 2 following results would mean.
Explique lo que significarían los resultados.
•    Sentence Starter: If Pau peed on the carpet then...
Sentence Starter: Si Pau orinó en la alfombra entonces ...
•    Sentence Starter:  If Sophia Spilled water on the carpet then...
Sentence Starter: Si Sophia derrama agua sobre la alfombra entonces ...


List the information that we need to know in order to determine if Killer Whales could be the cause of the disappearance of 40,000 sea Otters.

11 Draw a diagram that explains how Kelp, Otters, Sea urchins and Killer Whales interact.
12 Do you believe that the Earth can handle10 billion people? Why or why not?
What could limit the growth of the human population?