Middle School Choir

Welcome to Middle School Choir!


I'm glad you could join us this year!

We only get to meet for 25 minutes a day, so

every minute is important.

Listed below are the songs we will be learning,

any assignments that you will have,

and our upcoming concert dates.


Policies and Procedures for Middle School Choir

          1.  This class only lasts 25 minutes, so we need to utilize every one of those minutes. 

          2.  Students must be in the room at 12:00.  Attendance will be taken at that time.  If you are not in the room, you will be counted tardy.

          3.  Becaue of sectional work, there is a lot of free time in the class on certain days.  iPods and other similar devices may be brought to class to be used during those free times.  If student

               uses the iPod when they are supposed to be singing, it will be taken away from them and taken to the office.