French II/Letter for parents

August 14, 2017


Dear Parent/Guardian,

Attached you will find an outline of the class expectations and important course information for French II. The goal is that we are working together as a team to ensure the best educational environment possible. Therefore, please take the time to discuss this information with your son/ daughter.

I anticipate your son/daughter having a successful and productive year in the study of French. To ensure a positive experience, it is important to maintain good attendance, good conduct and be consistent in completion of daily assignments. Homework assignments offer the opportunity for additional practice and are check for understanding.  The assignments are posted daily on my website. 

After reviewing this information with your son/daughter, both of you should sign and return only the bottom portion of the last page. Keep this information for your future reference. Your signatures indicate that you understand the procedures.



Dr. Schahrazede Longou

French II