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email address  Citizenship: Canadian Education: Degrees, Certificates, and teacher training 2009: DipEd. TESL Saint Mary’s University2006: Ph.D. in English. Dalhousie University1999: MA in English.  McGill University1996: CELTA TESL Certificate.  Languages International (Toronto)1992: Bachelor of Arts Honours in English and History. McGill University                                University Level Teaching Experience: ·      2010-2011 Sectional Instructor Faculty of Education (Saint Mary’s University)                Curriculum and Instruction (2010-11) ·      2007-11 Sessional English Instructor (Saint Mary's University)                 Introduction to Shakespeare (2011)                Shakespeare’s Comedies (2010)                Shakespeare’s Tragedies (2009)                Shakespeare’s  Romances (2008)                Introduction to Short Fiction  (2007)·       2007-2009 Sessional Modern Languages Instructor  (Saint Mary’s University)                EGSL1100 (Academic ESL) ·       2005-06 Sessional Lecturer: Introduction to Literature (Dalhousie University)·       2004-05 Sessional Lecturer: Introduction to Literature (Dalhousie University)·       2003-04 Sessional Lecturer: Introduction to Literature (Dalhousie University) ·      2007-10 F/T Instructor University Bridging Program (Saint Mary's University TESL Center)·      2007-10 F/T Instructor EAP Program (Saint Mary's University TESL Center)·      2007-10 F/T Instructor  Pre-Master of Finance Program (Saint Mary’s University) ·       2006-07 Teaching Assistant:  Literary Landmarks (Dalhousie University)·       2002-03 Teaching Assistant: Literary Landmarks (Dalhousie University)·       1999-2000: Teaching Assistant: Introduction to Literature  (Dalhousie University) ·       1992-93: Teaching Assistant: Shakespeare  (McGill University)·       1991-92: Teaching Assistant: Survey of American Literature (McGill University) Other Teaching Experience:·       1997-98 South Korea: South Korean Public School System. Classroom ESL and Teacher-training.·       1995-97 Canada: Private HS English in North York, Ontario.·       1995-96 Canada: ESL special projects teacher in Toronto, Ontario. Professional experiences:·      2009-2011: Academic Coach—Special Probation Program (Saint Mary’s University)·      2009-2010: Faculty Moderator Saint Mary’s University Drama Society·      2007-2010: Curriculum Development for UBP, Pre-Master of Finance, and EAP Programs (SMU TESL)·       2000-2003: Editorial board member of Henry Street (Dalhousie English Department  Journal)·       2002-2005: Board member: Academic Planning Committee (Dalhousie University)·       2000-2002: Organizer of History Across the Disciplines (Graduate Student Conference, Dalhousie University)·       1999-2000: Graduate Student member: English Department Speakers Committee (Dalhousie)·       1991-92: Editorial assistant: critical edition of Elizabeth Barrett  Browning’s Aurora Leigh. (Ed. Kerry McSweeney, McGill University) Academic Awards: SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship (2001)Killam Doctoral Fellowship (2001)SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship (1993)McGill Teaching Assistant Scholarship (1992-93)McGill Research Assistant Scholarship (1992-93)McConnell Major Fellowship (1992-93)McGill University Scholar (1992)McGill Faculty Scholar (1989-92)Snyder Scholarship in English (1991)Greenblatt Scholarship (1990)Dow-Hickson Scholarship (1990)Hodgson Prize for English (1990)James McGill Award (1989) Theses:Ph.D. Thesis: Shakespeare, Foxe, and the Idea of Enormity in the English Chronicle Plays. Dalhousie University, 2006.                                                                MA Thesis: ‘A field of Golgotha’ and the ‘loosing out of Satan’: Protestantism and Intertextuality in Shakespeare’s 1-3 Henry VI and John Foxe’s Acts and Monuments.  McGill University, 1999.   Publications: Journal Articles:  “‘Devilish Government’: Shakespeare’s Joan of Arc and the Idea of Antichrist.”  Journal of Religion and Culture 14 (2000): 71-100.   Book Reviews:Alison Shell.  Catholicism, Controversy, and the English Literary Imagination 1558-1660 (OUP, 1999). Henry Street 9.1 (2000): 93-97 Kristen Poole.  Radical Religion from Shakespeare to Milton: Figures of Nonconformity in Early Modern England  (Cambridge UP, 2000). Dalhousie Review 80.3 (2000): 431-433. Andrew King.  The Faerie Queene and Middle English Romance: The Matter of Just Memory (OUP, 2000). Henry Street 9.2 (2000): 85-89. Conference papers:“What is Falstaff now? The perils and payoffs of new reading after new historicism.”  2007 Atlantic Renaissance Conference, Acadia University (September, 2007). “See, see, King Richard doth himself appear”: Shakespeare and the eclipse of majesty in Richard II.” 2005 Waterloo Conference on Elizabethan Theatre. University of Waterloo (June, 2005).   “Banish John of Gaunt and banish all the world: Occluding historiographical
motive in the 2nd Tetralogy”.  A.C.C.U.T.E Congress. University of Western Ontario (May, 2005).
 “Edwin I nothing am”: The inward turn in and out of Foxe’s Acts and Monuments.” Interiority in Early Modern England. Saint Mary’s University (October, 2004).  “Yet lacked not he his Satan”: Cox, Foxe, and the Shakespearean Chronicle Play at the Crossroads. History Across the Disciplines. Dalhousie University (March, 2004).   “‘O reform it altogether’: Politics, Patronage, and Piety in Shakespearean Metadrama.”Politics, Patronage, and Piety in Early Modern Britain: A Conference to Mark the Retirement of Professor Paul Christianson.  Dalhousie University (May, 2003). “Professing King Lear, or, Gloucester’s eyes and the dreary victory of the plays of Shakespeare and the facts of our experience over the ideas of the time.” Dalhousie Department of English Colloquium (March, 2003). “Satyrizing the Past with Hall and Hogarth.”  History Across the Disciplines 2002: Remembering History.  Dalhousie University  (March, 2002).  “‘A satyr wilde I am’: William Hogarth and the Rough Beast of Satire.” NEASECS/AtSECS Conference: Eighteenth Century Speculations. Halifax (November, 2001). “Pope’s Apocalypse: The Idea of the End Time in The Dunciad.” Disputed Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Studies in Religion and Culture. Concordia University, Montreal (May, 2000).  “Romancing the Rump: The Rump Poems, Hudibras, and Republican Military Power.” History Across the Disciplines: The 2nd Annual Atlantic Graduate Students’ History Conference. Dalhousie University (March, 2000).   “Secular Shakespeare? Antichrist in Shakespeare’s Early English History Plays.” Implications and Interpretations: Interdisciplinary Studies in Religion and Culture.  Concordia University, Montreal (May, 1999).