G9 Syllabus

 8th Grade Pre-Algebra Syllabus Guide -  2008-2009  TERM 1:  6-Oct-08 to 12-Dec-2008  Week 1:         Monday  6-Oct-08    Introduction  Tuesday  7-Oct-08    Take it to the Web  Wednesday  8-Oct-08    Study Guide Chap1-Chap2  
 Week 2:       REVISION: THE TOOL OF ALGEBRA + CHAPTER 6  Saturday   11-Oct-08    Order of Operations  Sunday  12-Oct-08    Integres, Expressions, Equations  Monday  13-Oct-08   Study Guide Ch. 6   Tuesday  14-Oct-08   Ratio, Rate and Proportions  Wednesday  15-Oct-08  
 Week 3:       CHAPTER 6: RATIOS, PROPORTION & %  Saturday   18-Oct-08   6.4: Scale Drawings and Models   Sunday  19-Oct-08   6.6: Using Percent Proportion  Monday  20-Oct-08  
 Tuesday  21-Oct-08  
 Wednesday  22-Oct-08  
 Week 4:      CHAPTER 6: RATIOS, PROPORTION & %  Saturday   25-Oct-08  6.8 Using Percent Equations (+ simple interest)   Sunday  26-Oct-08  6.9 Percent of Change  Monday  27-Oct-08  
 Tuesday  28-Oct-08  
 Wednesday  29-Oct-08  
 Week 5:     CHAPTER 7: FUNCTIONS & GRAPHING  Saturday  1-Nov-08  Graphing Linear Equation (Review)  Sunday  2-Nov-08  7-3: Rate of Change          Monday  3-Nov-08  7-6: Slope Intercept Form           Tuesday  4-Nov-08  
 Wednesday  5-Nov-08  
 Week 6:     CHAPTER 7: FUNCTIONS & GRAPHING  Saturday  8-Nov-08  7-7: Writing Linear Equations           Sunday  9-Nov-08  7-8: Prediction Equations (Best Fit)                 Monday  10-Nov-08  1-7: Scatter Plots   Tuesday  11-Nov-08  Study Guide Review & Practice Test  Wednesday  12-Nov-08  
 Week 7:     CHAPTER 8: EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES  Saturday  15-Nov-08  8-1: Solving Equations w/ var. on both sides              Sunday  16-Nov-08  8-2: Solving Equations w/ grouping symbols               Monday  17-Nov-08    3-7: Sequence and Equations  Tuesday  18-Nov-08     Wednesday  19-Nov-08  
 Week 8:     CHAPTER 8: EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES  Saturday  22-Nov-08  8-3: Inequalities  Sunday  23-Nov-08  8-4: Solving Inequality by Adding  Monday  24-Nov-08         Solving Inequality by Subtracting  Tuesday  25-Nov-08     Wednesday  26-Nov-08     
 Week 9:     CHAPTER 8: EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES  Saturday  29-Nov-08  8-5: Solving Inequality by Multiplying  Sunday  30-Nov-08         Solving Inequality by Dividing  Monday  1-Dec-08  8-6: Sol. Multi-Step Inequality  Tuesday  2-Dec-08  Study Guide Review & Practice Test        
 Week 10:     SYSTEM OF EQUATIONS (Edition of  2005)   Sunday  14-Dec-08  Solving Systems of Equations by Elimination  Monday  15-Dec-08  Solving Systems of Equations by Substitution  Tuesday  16-Dec-08  Solving Systems of Equations Graphically  Wednesday  17-Dec-08  
 Week 11:       REVISION  Saturday  20-Dec-08    Revision   Sunday  21-Dec-08    Revision   Monday  22-Dec-08    Revision   Tuesday  23-Dec-08    Revision   Wednesday  24-Dec-08    Revision   
 Week 12:       FINAL EXAM  Saturday  27-Dec-08  Term One Final Exam  Sunday  28-Dec-08  Monday  29-Dec-08  Tuesday  30-Dec-08  Wednesday  31-Dec-08