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Science is Fun!

Mr. Martin's Science Class

Room 113, Bellhaven High School.

Email:    Phone: 555-1234.





Week of September 17, 2012: Basic Electrical Circuits

Resistors in Parallel and Series


Sample Quiz Question: If R1=R2=R3, what is I1/I2?


Friday: Quiz on Electrical Circuits

Thursday: Experiment: Resistors

Wednesday: Resistors in Series and Parallel

Tuesday: Kinds of Resistors: Light, Heat

Monday: Beginning Circuits


Week of September 10, 2012

    Sample Test: How far do you think the ball will go?


  Congratulations  to Tim Quintz who got 100% on his test!                                                                        Congratulations to Tim Quintz who got 100% on his test!






Friday: Test on Motion

Thursday: Review Motion: Force, Acceleration, Mass

Wednesday: Review Experiments on Motion

Tuesday: How far will that cannonball go?

Monday: Introduction: Motion in gravity


Get 2 Months for $5!