Notes Chapter 1

Chapter 1-2 Driving is Privilege 

Privilege-is a benefit or a favor 

Natural Right-is something that virtually every society has determined belongs to all people. (Right to Live) 

Constitutional Rights-is one that society has determined, through its constitution or laws, that a person has by virtue of being a member of that society. (right to etc) 

1.  Driving is a Responsibility

2.  Your Legal duties

3.  Your financial Obligations

4.  Courtesy of others

5.  Protecting your passengers

6.  Knowing your vehicle

7.  Being ready to drive 


Chapter 1-3  The Highway Transportation System 

HTS-is part of our interconnected North American transportation system, which includes rail, air, sea, underground and and pedestrian traffic, as well as motor-vehicle transportation.


Most important component is the motor vehicle.


Purpose- is to move people and goods in a safe, efficient and timely manner with a minimum bother.


Three main components of the HTS is

  1. Roadways (8-lane interstate to dirt roads)
  1. Condition
  2. Function
  3. Free or toll
  1. Vehicles (lightweight children’s bicycles to tractor trailer trucks)
  2. People (Young kids-quick reflexes to Old generation-slow to no reflexes)

Law Enforcement is responsible to enforce the laws of the road.