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Homework for the week of March 21-25th!


Monday 21

Tuesday 22Wednesday 23Thursday 24Friday 25
Math-Do you remember (chapter 9) -Workbook page 91.  -math workbook page 92-93-Textbook page 310 # 7-11

Science test

Bring science lab materials in today.

Coffee lab on Monday morning
History   Historica sheet due today.  
 Art    - Canada poster due Monday.
Religion -Read page 156-161 and worksheet 43a & 43b Reconciliation -Flower due on Monday
Historica-Select a topic for Historica-Historica topic has been selected. Research must be done at school. -Historica meeting sheet due today!  
Important Information -Food order forms went home today.                                                                                                


 Monday 31Tuesday 1Wednesday 2Thursday 3Friday 4
Math-Textbook page 310 # 7-11 DUE    
Art-      Canada poster due.    
Religion-       Flower due.