Lent Final Project

It’s Not About Me!Unit Eight Culminating Task Guidelines

  • For this activity, you will create a product that will explore the Christian meaning ofsacrifice including showing a deeper understanding of Jesus’ sacrifice as well as how we can also make sacrifices for others.
  • This project will be completed entirely at school.
Here is what you need to do:
·         Provide information that demonstrates a Christian understanding of the term sacrifice; 
·         describe how and why Jesus sacrificed himself for others; and, 
·         describe how and why we are called to sacrifice for others 
You might want to consider: 
·         examples of modern day sacrifices 
·         how you can personally sacrifice for others 
Your final product should: 
·         contain clearly identified sections (e.g. – titles and subtitles) 
·         include written text with supporting images (e.g. – photos, drawings) 
·         demonstrate an understanding of all key vocabulary 
The final product can be presented in one of the following formats: 
·         A pamphlet 
·         A comic strip or a series of comic strips 
·         A children’s story book 

This activity is due on: NOT ASSIGNED YET