Acceptable Technology Use Policy

What should an Acceptable Use Policy include?

An Acceptable Use Policy should outline specifically how technolgy can be used in the school setting. This will include the purpose of technology and what is expected of students. It is also important to include a place for students and parents to sign so that an agreement is understood for this policy. The Acceptable Use Policy I created is shown below.

                        Acceptable Use Policy

Brewton Elementary School


Student Responsibility:

  • Students will use the Internet for educational purposes only and in line with policies and missions of Brewton City Schools.
  • Students will use proper etiquette with all electronic communication including but not limited to e-mail, social media platforms, and texting.
  • Students will respect school equipment and will be monitored by school staff.
  • Students will respect the privacy of other students and staff. This includes not obtaining passwords or other private information.
  • Students will only use school approved websites and programs at all times.
  • Any students that chose not to follow these guidelines, will face consequences that could lead to not being able to use the Internet for the remainder of the school year.  


I understand by signing this policy that I, ____________________ am responsible for all statements listed above. I further understand that all information shared through computers, tablets, phones, or any other devices that uses the school Internet, is NOT private and therefore can be viewed and monitored at any time by school personnel.

Student’s Signature ____________________________    Date _______________


I, _______________________, as the parent of _______________________, have discussed the above responsibilities with my child. I understand that these guidelines are expected and will be enforced at all times while using school equipment/Internet.

Parent’s Signature _____________________________    Date _______________


This video is a great resource to share with your students to explain what an Acceptable Use Policy is.


Resources of Sample Acceptable Use Policies from various school systems:

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