Equitable Access

How do you ensure equitable digital access to technology?

Ensuring that all students have access to the same technology can be quite tricky within a school setting. Here are some ideas to consider when planning lessons and resources for your students at home.



Below is a sample Computer Lab Schedule that can be edited and used for your own school. Ensuring that all classes have equal access to a computer lab for the assignments that they need, will ensure equitable access to technology.


Photo Credit: https://www.valentineschool.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=173678&type=d&pREC_ID=418730


Photo Credit: http://alan.noscrapleftbehind.co/equipment-sign-out-form/

An equipment check Out Log like the one shown above can be very helpful for ensuring that all students have equitable access to other forms of technology such as ipads, cameras, and tablets. This check out form will help hold students accountable and allow teachers to keep inventory of their technology.


Below is a short video that will discuss in greater detail equitable access in the school setting.


Resources for creating forms to ensure equitable access to technology:

Teachers Pay Teachers is a great website that has already created forms and editable forms that can be used to ensure that students have equitable access to technology.


Google is another webiste that allows you to create forms for your classroom.


Pinterest will also provide ready made samples of forms that can be used for checking out technolgy and for scheduling computer lab times.