What is Netiquette?


Netiquette is respecting other's views and displaying courtesy with your own view when posting to online groups. 

* Definition Credited: http://www.bbc.co.uk/webwise/guides/about-netiquette


Photo Credited: https://www.lessonplansdigger.com/2015/07/10/5-minute-speaking-activity-netiquette/

Watch this Brief Video about Core Rules of Netiquette:


Social Networking and Cyberbullying POlicies

Because social networking is becoming so popular amongst our students and staff, schools are putting social networking and cyberbullying policies in place. Below, you will find links to several sample school policies. Every school district must consider their own student body and staff in order to create policies that are designed specifically for your schools.

Jackson Public School Policies  


Creating Your School Social Media Policy


Pottsville Area School District