My Educational Beliefs


I believe that student’s learn best when…


·      Learning is allowed to take place in a comfortable, respectful, and honest environment.


·      Students are allowed to create ‘texts’ in a variety of mediums


·      Students are allowed to discuss new works, ideas, and concepts with their peers in a constructive manner


·      Students are held to high standard of accountability and responsibility


·      Writing occurs daily, and allows for further learning, instead of simple restatement of teacher-introduced concepts and ideas


·      Technology is incorporated into learning and expressing


·      Students are allowed to choose what they want to read from a variety of texts and genres


·      Students are allowed to choose what they want to write from a variety of suggestions and prompts


·      Constant opportunities for peer and instructor feedback are provided before “final” drafts are to be submitted


·      Student’s have ample opportunity and choice to share their best work with other classes, teachers, parents, peers, and the general public


·      Class time is given for silent reading and/or writing


·      Discussion is most often student-led


·      Modeling of complicated new procedures, tasks, and ideas is done by the teacher, then guided by the teacher, then attempted individually when students have a sense of confidence


·      Assessment is conducted is variety of forms, and offers students a chance to demonstrate what they have learned and are still learning, and NEVER asks for regurgitation of facts.